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Our Expertise

Tax Law

We can help our clients to manage their tax-related responsibilities. We offer our services to them in all tax-related matters which include receiving of tax IDs, preparation of tax-related papers, reporting to tax authorities and settlement of tax-related disputes via lawsuits.


We offer a wide spectrum of services to NGOs. We can help them in such matters as project management, carrying out various surveys, preparation of reports, access to learning and information, change leading, multilateral engagement, fundraising. NGOs can also benefit from our services in capacity building and training. They can consult with us in NGO legislation requirements.

Labour Law

We offer our services in labor related matters. Our clients can benefit from our services in protection of their rights to labor as well as settlement of labor-related disputes via lawsuits. We have also rich experience in carrying out surveys on various labor issues and preparation of reports in this regard.

Migration Law

We offer various services in migration matters. We can assist foreign citizens to receive temporary residence permits and solve their migration issues. Our clients can consult with us concerning migration legislation and its requirements.

Project Managment

We have rich experience in project management. Our company has implemented various projects in such fields as protection of human rights, empowering of civil society organizations, public participation, money laundering etc. We are also an implementing partner in some projects initiated and supported by international organizations and foreign counterparts. We have needed experience in monitoring and evaluation of projects implemented.


We offer various consultative and other services to our clients in accounting. Our clients may turn to us to manage their financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting and cost accounting.

Why Clients Choose Us?

We have all what they need – quality, punctuality, individual approach, best solutions and affordable prices.Our highly qualified and experienced staff know our strong sides and understand what we can actually offer and guarantee to our clients. Analysis-based ever-improving work and satisfied clients are vital for our company.